Satyamayi is a philosophy explorer who facilitates contemplative spaces for people who wish to explore consciousness as well as find creative new ways to embrace the pleasure, pain and weirdness of being human. 

She was born in Romania, lived in Hungary, the UK and India, and had the chance to meet and work with people from many places around the world and learn different languages and points of view.

From 2002 to 2012, she worked as an English teacher, translator and research journalist, while also walking the path of introspection and integration through self-inquiry, movement and art.


From 2008 to 2018, she trained in somatic therapy under the guidance of Louise Bloemen (Holland), who initiated her in Rebirthing breathwork and Gestalt therapy. She is also a certified meditation guide and combined arts facilitator. Alongside, she dedicated 14 years to the contemplation of Nonduality – a view of reality that sees consciousness as the basis for existence. Consequently, what she shares has evolved to reflect and be informed by a nondual perspective.

Satyamayi put together her therapeutical experience and nondual insights to create the Inner Constellations and Dhara Breathing approaches. 

In love with MINIMALISM, she also offers talks on finding fulfillment in simplicity and compassion towards oneself, others and the environment. 

”I meet people at war with themselves every day. And I also get to witness how they end that inner war.
And the war can end. This is an important piece of information. To know that there is another way.
There is another way to move through life which does not involve violence. This is what my work offers, a space for the parts fighting inside you to have a sincere dialogue and discover new ways to interact that benefit all.
Imagine your inner critic no longer oppressing your inner child. Imagine your anger no longer being directed towards your body but turning into a wise protector. Imagine your power dancing with your creativity. Or your spontaneity playing with your intelligence.
An Inner Constellation session is a space in which you redesign your inner dynamic and form a new constellation in which all the stars and planets move in harmony with each other.
This is not done by forcing, but by offering space, listening, holding and trying new pathways, new colors of being.
In this way, the inner war can end and the freedom dance can begin.