Inner restoration through mindfulness, compassionate listening and intuitive movement 
Online session: 50 €

Duration: 1h 15min


Package of 4 sessions: 180 € 

(If you book a package of 4 sessions, they are to be completed within 40 days) 

*Concessions are available for students and persons with no income. 


Expression and Rebirthing through breathing 
Individual session, only in person: 80 €

Duration: 1,5 h


Package of 4 sessions: 280 € 

Nonduality and Meditations

TEA&SILENCE – a space of open contemplation offered every Saturday

At Tea&Silence, we contemplate both nonduality and the human experience.

Next online meeting: to be announced 

Entry: Free


Each donation is deeply appreciated and allows others to benefit from free sessions, expanding the circle of kindness.

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