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Inner Constellations 

Inner restoration through mindfulness, compassionate listening and intuitive movement. We touch with love what we once feared. 
Online session: 48 €

Duration: 1h 15min


*Concessions are available for students and persons with no income. 


Eos Breathing

Radical Expression and Rebirthing through Breathing. We rise with splendour, like the dawn, Eos. 
1-ON-1 session, only in person: 80€

Duration: 1,5 h




Soothing Minimalism 

More space, more rest, more creativity 
If you wish to tidy your living and work spaces, I am here to support your journey.  Becoming a minimalist has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life and it brings me great joy to share the process with others. You decide what minimalism means for you and I support your vision with my experience. 
My Home is Minimal & Nurturing – Full Package 222 €

It includes:

 –  4 x 40 min personalised consultations (1 per week). 

 –  1 Inner Constellation session where we work with the internal resistance to bringing order and soothing space into your life.  





A support group for all who wish to move from self-violence into gentleness, love and community. 

The Online meetings take place twice a month. 

Next meeting: 02 March 2024, 1o am CET

To join, email 


TEA&SILENCE – silence, feeling, play

A space of contemplation and a playground for new ideas. We touch on nonduality, the human experience and community. 

The Online meetings take place twice a month. 

Next meeting: 17 March 2024, 11 am CET

Entry: Free


Each donation is deeply appreciated and allows others to benefit from free sessions, expanding the circle of kindness.

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