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Returning to the intelligent fluidity of life



DHARA BREATHING is an invitation to explore your natural flow, through fluid breathing. 

DHARA also means HOME and reminds us that we can always find refuge in our own Essence, which is nondual. 

The human being is an ever-changing, ever-evolving life form. Our minds connect to other people and the environment and are being constantly reshaped. All forms constantly interact, shape and reshape each other. When we understand this experientially, we see that they all move as one and they have never been separate forms.

What we call our ”personal self” is a liquid painting. Seeing this melts our fix ideas and releases us from the persecution of perfectionism.

We breathe, we look within, meet and make friends with our own being, as it is right now, in all its colors and forces. 

DHARA BREATHING is an ART of INNER EXPLORATION and REBIRTHING. Breathing consciously, we reconnect to our innate intelligence which brings new perspectives and inspires fresh ways of reconsidering, remodeling, or repainting our inner landscapes and life stories. Our natural curiosity returns and we feel free to explore new ways of being and expressing. 

DHARA BREATHING can also be seen as an ART of RELAXATION. Our body is wired to find balance and heal itself, constantly moving towards maintaining homeostasis. We often block this process with destructive habits, limiting beliefs and self-censorship. Breathing is a means to deeply relax, melt tension and reconnect to this natural movement towards harmony that is inherent in all of us. 


A DHARA BREATHING session consists of three steps:


  • A short discussion followed by a FELT-INTROSPECTION – we identify patterns of tension and/or trauma
  • DHARA BREATHING – we breathe consciously, bringing our attention into the body. Mindfully meeting our bodily sensations, emotions, images and beliefs, we gain new insights into our thought and emotional patterns.  Unconscious or suppressed aspects of our mind – that are ready to be seen – surface. Reintegrating these exiled aspects results in a profound feeling of relief and return to wholeness. 
  • Together, we contemplate on the insights and wisdom inspired by the process and identify ways to integrate them into our daily living, using mind-body codes such as drawing, sounds, specific postures or movements.


    ”A very important aspect of my work is to remind you that the only authority worth following is inside you. It expresses as your Love-Wisdom-Self. ”

Individual sessions

An individual session lasts for 1.5 h and is completed with a non-verbal form of integration, such as drawing, sound or movement. Shared here is a drawing made by Raluca Oprea, depicting her experience during the breathing process. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Raluca-Oprea-1-1024x819.jpg

Here, a client drew her felt-sense before and after a Dhara breathing exploration. Breathing fully, she rediscovered her joy and sense of courage and adventure. After the session, she choose the colors red and yellow to express it.



There are apparently fragmented parts of ourselves that are stuck in a painful past. Introspective meditation helps us put a light on these aspects and help them flow/ be reintegrated.

We may call these parts of ourselves the inner child. Revisiting those painful moments happens spontaneously when we bring our attention in our body and its tension. Exploring our somatic experience, the emotional charge associated with the memory is released from the body and the story we tell about our past can shift and become a gift instead of heavy baggage. Wisdom can bring new perspectives. Compassionate love can NOW offer our inner child what they did not receive, so that trust, joy and curiosity can return to our heart. 

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We all experience suffering at some point in our lives but some of us seem to be glued to it. If you have found this page, you may be the child that said ”STOP! This trauma must end with me!”.

You may feel you are living other people’s lives or constantly repeating unhealthy patterns you learnt from your family. You may also feel you can’t find your place in the family circle and are struggling with finding somewhere to belong. Your options are to become a victim or a healer. If you choose to be a healer and are determined to not pass on the pain to your children, I invite you to have a look with me at your family dynamic. Working with Gestalt or Dhara Breathing, we can feed/heal the ”hungry ghosts” belonging to your family lineage. You deserve to live your own life. Your ancestors also deserve to be freed from the pain and the stories you tell about them. When you do the work, we all benefit. We are all in this together, interconnected. 

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Breathing together, as a group, is a powerful practice of self-exploration.  Trauma often occurs in social interactions, and it is deeply liberating to overcome it in a safe, loving environment, as a group. We hold each other and give each other permission to be our vulnerable, sad, angry, weird, beautiful and strong selves. At the end of the Dhara Breathing group session, we draw or paint, individually or together. Here is a beautiful example of group painting:



Another way one can enjoy the benefits of Dhara Breathing is by opting for a session in water. Zen Float Spa is the perfect space for breathing, introspection, and deep relaxation. 

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