You are Freedom itself. And Freedom is all there is.

”What if all that stands between us and the realization of this truth is just a thought, a doubt? And this doubt, fed for many years, becomes a doubter and the source of suffering. What can we do about this self-centered, limited ”me” that creates suffering? Do we need to fight it? To run away from it?

In my experience, what is required is understanding.

We are already the Buddha we are striving to become. What makes it seemingly difficult are the felt tensions and beliefs accompanying this doubter. Practically put, what we call the defensive ego is a pattern of tension, a process experienced in our being as the I-thought-fear-muscle tension.

Awakened beings along the ages, in their great compassion, have proposed different methods to break free from these patterns. Some recommend intellectual introspection, others Yoga and Breathing practices, or total abandonment at the feet of God. Which one is better? Which one is faster? All of them. I found that the key is not the method, nor the lack of teachers to point us to truth, but the determination and earnest desire of the seeker. If the fire for Truth is there, any method will take you to a moment of no-mind that may lead to Self-realization.

If you feel this call to turn your attention inward and wake up to your real nature, you are welcome to join the TEA&SILENCE evenings I offer twice a month. These are 2 hour free entry gatherings, beautifully hosted by Simona Pop, in which we drink tea, meditate in silence and investigate the nature of our mind.

It’s important to clarify that I am not a spiritual master and I strongly dislike titles which imply a hierarchy.  As I see it, we are all in this together, friends on a path of exploration. You may see me as a friend, a bridge, a lover of Truth, someone who is grateful and finds great joy in sharing what I have discovered. I have walked this path to freedom and I know some of its shortcuts, as well as its pitfalls, and I find joy in saying that a life dedicated to inner inquiry is worth it.

I pray that we all come to a sober seeing and live as freedom itself.”


I bow in deepest gratitude to my teachers, Ramana Maharshi, Bella, Mooji and Ganga Mira, who placed the clearest mirrors in front of me, so that I could recognize my real face.  And where would I be without those who helped me blossom in the most adverse conditions? Equal gratitude to Cristina Schmidt, Louise Bloemen, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, The Buddha and life itself, which is my constant teacher. 

COMPASSION ALERT: Please do not conceptualize Non-duality and use it to bypass your own emotional trauma. Remain vigilant, resist the tendency to use Advaita teachings as an excuse to turn a blind eye to the human condition. Truth is not a bubble in which one hides in order to ignore the wide-spread inequality, sexual and racial discrimination, xenophobia, and deep physical and emotional suffering present in our current religious/political/financial systems. I kindly invite you to choose compassion and when you feel it is appropriate, within your ability, act to help those who are suffering around you.

Forget for a second that you have arrived here. 

Breathing Freedom
Soothing Minimalism
Ramana Maharshi