Forget for a second that you have arrived here.


You are THAT. 


”And by THAT I mean what is here, this un-nameable, un-divided isness. What if all that stands between you and the realization of this truth is just a thought, a doubt? And this doubt, fed for many years, becomes a doubter, a belief that separates and alienates you from your own true nature.


As human beings, we live in a toxic culture that loudly perpetuates false believes about who we are while truth is so silent, so unassuming, it often goes unnoticed.


In my experience, going against the ”separate me” or ”ego” equals starting a war with yourself and only deepens suffering. What I propose is to compassionately listen and see the pattern of ”me” as it is, moment by moment, while also contemplating the possibility that you never really separated from your true nature, that you are already what you are searching for.


But is there a method to realize your true nature? A technique?


Which one is better? Which one is faster? I found that the key is not the method, nor the lack of teachings pointing to truth, but the earnest desire and dedication of the seeker. If the fire for truth is there, any method may take you to a moment of satori or self-realization.


It also happens without any method or effort, you may have never meditated in your life and you find yourself walking on the street and TA-DA, a clear glimpse of your real nature. Very often, in these cases, the seeking starts after.


I cannot snap my fingers and give you such a glimpse, not can I ignite this fire for truth in your mind. It happens when it happens. But if you do wake up one day with the question ”Who am I?” buzzing in your mind, it will be my joy to walk with you and share my insights.


This is the intention behind the open TEA&SILENCE gatherings.


It’s important to clarify that I am not a spiritual teacher, nor am I a member of any spiritual organisation. As I see it, we are all in this together, friends on a path of exploration. You may see me as a friend, a bridge, a lover of freedom, someone who enjoys sharing what I have discovered. Walking this path, I know some of its shortcuts, as well as its pitfalls, and I think a life dedicated to self-inquiry and sober seeing is damn worth it.”



I bow in gratitude to my nonduality teachers, Ramana Maharshi, Ganga Mira, Mooji and Bella, who placed the clearest mirrors in front of me, so that I could recognize my real face. And where would I be without those who helped me blossom in the most adverse conditions? Equal gratitude to my sister, to Cristina Schmidt, Louise Bloemen, Nutan Rameshwari, Lama Tsultrim Allione, The Buddha, and my constant teacher – every day life.

EMPATHY INCLUDED: Let us remain vigilant, resist the tendency to use Advaita pointings to disconnect from our emotions and gut feelings, or to bypass our trauma. May we not make Truth a bubble in which to hide in order to ignore the wide-spread inequality, sexual and racial discrimination, xenophobia, and deep physical and emotional suffering present in our current religious/political/financial systems. May we be compassion and when appropriate, within our ability, act to help those who are suffering around us.